Pediatric open-heart surgery is highly dependent upon the technology, materials and services provided by these organizations. Without their continual support, which is hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, ICHF simply could not operate. These organizations are literally saving lives of children throughout the world. As a show of our appreciation you can link to their commercial sites by clicking on their logo. Please support them with your business!

Platts & Nisbett

Platts & NisbettPlatts & Nisbett is proud to support the International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF), by providing surgical instruments for their mission trips around the world.

Their surgical instruments have traveled around the world with the Babyheart team and aided ICHF in carrying out our life saving missions. They are pleased to play a part in such a worthy cause, and look forward to assisting further Babyheart missions in the future.


medtronicMedtronic provides ICHF with medical supplies such as heart valves and perfusion products.

Atrium Medical Corporation

atriumAtrium Medical Corporation provides ICHF with chest drain systems and chest tubes.


fedexFedEx ships all of ICHF supplies to the countries of our medical mission trips. ICHF has shared a longstanding relationship with fellow Memphis-based FedEx. The ICHF Babyheart Missions, the medical teams, and especially the children and parents are all equally grateful for FedEx’s support!


ethiconEthicon, a Johnson & Johnson company, provides sutures for ICHF surgeries.

St. Jude Medical

stjudeSt. Jude Medical provides ICHF with heart values and related supplies.

Stryker Instruments

strykerStryker Instruments provides sternum saws for ICHF surgeries.

Engineering World Health (EWH)

ewhThe Engineering World Health (EWH) organization provides ICHF with biomedical monitors and other equipment for Babyheart mission trips.

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

goreW. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. has been a critical supporter of ICHF for years with donations of GORE-TEX® patch material used to close intracardiac defects.

Abbott Labs

abbottAbbott Labs provides blood gas machines and cartridges to ICHF.


Cook Medical

Cook MedicalCook Medical provides ICHF with central venous catheter lines.



Alert Terminal Warehouse

alert_terminal_warehouse_logoAlert Terminal Warehouse is honored to be a partner with the International Children’s Heart Foundation and supports their lifesaving efforts in pediatric heart surgery. Alert Terminal Warehouse is an experienced third-party logistics warehouse in Memphis, TN. ATW specializes in providing storage, logistical, and transportaiton solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Alert Terminal Warehouse provides ICHF with free warehousing space and logistical services to help get lifesaving medical equipment everywhere it’s needed around the world.



AmeriCares provides ICHF with post operative ICU supplies.

Scanlan International

scanlanScanlan International donates surgical instruments to ICHF.

eVent Medical

eVent MedicalIndependently owned, eVent Medical provides high-performance, cost-effective critical care ventilators, enabling clinicians to provide world-class ICU care. Neonate to adult ventilators are easy-to-use and offer a wide array of modes. We are proud to provide our ventilators toward the humanitarian efforts of ICHF throughout the world.

Integrity Biomedical Services

IntegrityIntegrity Biomedical Services offers repair and exchange of Spacelabs patient monitoring equipment. We also sell and service Philips and Edan monitors. We have an extensive inventory of both new and pre-owned parts. We are proud to partner with ICHF and fully support their cause.

SpaceLab Healthcare

SpacelabsWith the help of Spacelabs Healthcare and their donations of patient monitors, modules and accessories, the ICHF can improve patient monitoring equipment needs at many of our country programs with current technology. Thank you Spacelabs Healthcare for supporting our mission and helping to save the lives of children around the world born with congenital heart defects.

Our mission: We inspire the world to bring the best care experience to patients and families – one patient, one family, one smile at a time.

Spacelabs Healthcare, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc., is an international developer, manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment and services including solutions for patient monitoring and connectivity, anesthesia delivery and ventilation, diagnostic cardiology and supplies and accessories selling to hospitals, clinics and physician offices.

Aesculap Surgical Technologies

AesculapAesculap provides surgical instruments with discounted prices for ICHF Babyheart missions.

ConMed Electrosurgery

ConMedConMed Corporation’s donation of electrocautery units, bovie pencils, and bovie pads are tremendous additions to the Babyheart Team!


CareFusionCareFusion donates general skin cleansers and skin antiseptic kits for prevention of infection.


Terumo Cardiovascular Systems

terumoTerumo provides perfusion oxygenators, tubing packs and hemofilters at discounted prices.

MAP International

Map InternationalMAP International donates Ethicon sutures for heart repairs.


3M3M, a leading global technology company, provides medical and surgical supplies.

Madison Pharmacy

madison pharmacyMemphis-based/locally owned drugstore that provides Babyheart missions discounted pharmaceuticals.