Our Missions

coloring 1 day postop with intern Santiago DR, 2012ICHF travels throughout the year performing pediatric cardiac surgery and interventional catheterization procedures in developing countries throughout the world, as well as providing education for continual care. We have 26 scheduled trips in 2015 already.

Where we operate

Since the inaugural Babyheart medical mission trip to Zagreb, Croatia, in 1993, ICHF has saved more than 7,000 lives around the world. ICHF travels wherever there is a need, regardless of county of origin, race, religion or gender. View where we’ve been.

Mission Schedule

Check out our 2015 medical mission trip schedule to see where we will be this year.

  • Guayaquil, Ecuador — Feb 28 to Mar 14
  • Santiago, Dominican Republic — Mar 14 to 22
  • Asuncion, Paraguay — Apr 18 to 25
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador — Apr 25 to May 9
  • Santiago, Dominican Republic — May 9 to 23
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador — Jun 20 to Jul 4

We are constantly looking at new sites to visit, so please check back frequently to see who has been added!