Mathias and Family Return for Babyheart Reunion!

Mathias Valentin Carpio Mendoza Mathias received his operation from our team last September 2012. Mathias was diagnosed 1 month after his birth with a VSD. His parents felt lost and hopeless as they were told no one could treat his defect. They said their hope was renewed when they found out about ICHF.  Once Mathias […]


Babyheart Spotlight – Zulayka

Zulayka Anahis (but Mother called her Ceclino) DOB – 10/12/12 11 Month, Female VSD, PS           DOP 7/31/13 – Ventricular septal defect closure and pulmonary valvotomy or infundibular resection From: Quevedo Traveled 3 hours to the hospital via bus Both of her parents came to the International Children’s Heart Foundation for help with Zulayka. She […]

Irati with Carmen from Fundacion 9.28.13

Babyheart Spotlight – Irati

Irati Kratzishah Cayo DOB – 6/21/11 2 years, Female with Down syndrome AVSD & PDA,             DOP 8/6/13 – Complete AV Canal repair, PDA ligated From: Haiti, Mother only speaks French Mother is so thankful for her daughter’s operation. She found out her daughter had a heart defect right after she was born because she […]

Carlos with mom 2. 10.1.13 (427x640)

Babyheart Spotlight – Carlos

A Family that distrusts their Healthcare System Found New Hope in ICHF… Carlos Loor Briones DOB – 7/15/1997 16 Years, Male S/P Glenn,      DOP 9/25/13 – Fontan, Re-Op on 9/25/13 Mother – Mrs. Briones From: Portoviejo, a small town Traveled 6 hours to the hospital via bus They had a daughter and three sons, […]

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Babyheart Spotlight – Valeria

Valeria Perez Palacios DOB – 8/29/12 1 year, Female TGA + S/P BT Shunt,            DOP 9/24/13 – Arterial Switch (the 5th arterial switch ever performed in Ecuador) Mother – Gabriella Palacios Father – Juan Carlos From: Manta in the Providence of Manabi, a country-side village. Traveled 5 hours to the hospital via bus Valeria’s […]