Wendy 1

Wendy’s Story

“I saw into her future.  That’s why I’m finally doing something about it.”  Wendy’s mom had postponed her 5-year-old daughter’s cardiac surgery since her diagnosis at 2 months of age. Doctors told her to hold off on the surgery until she was 6 months old. She returned, and they said wait a year. Then again […]

Rancel 2

Rancel’s Story

Two-year-old Rancel  absolutely refuses to settle for one measly lap around the surgery floor corridors. There’s really no telling how long he’d wander if the matter weren’t up to the nurses trailing him. They cheerfully lugged his chest tube and infusion pump this way and that way for a whole two laps. Frankly, no one […]

Mileisy 1

Mileisy’s Story

The ICU is momentarily effervescent. Two-year-old Mileisy blows bubbles with adorable concentration. Tender smiles punctuate her strenuous exhales whenever she manages to launch a few bubbles into the air. Meanwhile, the two patients before her have graduated from bubbles to whistles and party horns. All are instruments of “play therapy,” toys that encourage patients to […]

Arvin 2

Arvin Rampersaud

Here is a great example of how your support truly saves lives! During our last trip to Guyana, we met 7-month old Arvin Rampersaud and his favorite brown toy horse. He was born in the town of Albion, where his parents are both gardeners. He was transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after his […]