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Guayaquil, Ecuador, Medical Mission Trip Update

The Babyheart team has performed 13 surgeries in Guayaquil, Ecuador, so far. All but two of those surgeries have been performed by local surgeon Dr. Montero with the assistance of ICHF surgeon Dr. Soto. All of the patients are doing well, and six of them are already home! Eight more surgeries planned The team has […]

ICHF heart dissection

Dr. Soto Visits Hutchison School for Sheep Heart Dissection

Dr. Rodrigo Soto, CEO of clinical operations at ICHF, joined the junior kindergarten class at Hutchinson School earlier this month to assist with sheep heart dissections that the girls were doing in honor of American Heart Month. Heart Background Dr. Soto visited the class to give background on the heart, helped the students understand the dissection process and […]

Guyana Map

ICHF biomedical engineer Roy Morris helps local team prepare for Guyana mission

Our biomedical engineer, Roy Morris, CBET, recently spent 10 days in Georgetown, Guyana preparing for ICHF’s inaugural trip to the South American country. Educating Guyana Medical Professionals As part of our dedication to training and equipping health care professionals to care for children with heart defects in their home countries. Roy connected the local Guyana […]

Jesser ICHF

Meet Jesser Solis-Contreras, ICHF Ambassador

Jesser is a 28-year-old from Nicaragua who was born with Tetralogy of Fallot. Why we do what we do He would not be here to tell his story today if it were not for organizations like ICHF that are dedicated to saving children and building sustainable cardiac surgery programs in countries where they do not […]

ICHF Ambassador Meagan

Q&A with Meagan Broucek, ICHF ambassador

Meet Meagan Broucek, a 25-year-old living with congenital heart disease. She has had three surgeries to mend her broken heart, but like many suffering from CHD, Meagan will never be completely healthy because CHD has no cure. Raising Awareness for CHD Meagan has become an ambassador for ICHF, as well as taken time to raise awareness […]