Future Doctor In The Making


On our May 2017 trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, we met a young heart warrior who loves math and wants to become a doctor when she grows up. Thanks to your support, she now has a chance to make that dream come true.


Ever since 12-year old Mariel was born, her parents knew she had a congenital heart defect that prohibited her from exercising. As she grew older she would get tired very easily, and even though she loved swimming and running, she could not do either. About a year ago they learned that her heart condition was getting worse – one of the valves in her heart was not closing properly.

Working Towards a Solution

Mariel’s parents worked together to help her and provide all the services she needed to get by.  One day last year, her doctor told them about the BabyHeart Mission coming to Santo Domingo and that they had the opportunity to fix their daughter`s condition. They were fortunate to have been selected by the medical team, and on Thursday, May 18th, Mariel’s heart was repaired. Just 5 days later, she was discharged from the hospital and was recuperating comfortably at home.

Mariel is now looking forward to being able to run and swim without a worry in the world. She is especially looking forward to going back to school where she can study hard, because some day she wants to be called Dr. Mariel.

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